Subject RE: [IBO] Strange behaviour tabbing into empty grid?
Author Paul Hope
Hello Dany

> Paul!
> I'm so delighted that someone else finally has run into this
> (though it no fun on your part). This has nothing to do with
> the version you are quoting in your post. It's years old
> (though something else in the new verison might have
> triggered different behavious).
> Search on my name in the ng look at threads with Geoff
> involved and you will find some info. I have hacks and rants
> if you are interested!

I'm delighted you're delighted - I think :-/

I have had a search through. I tried Jasons suggestion of setting
AlwaysShowEditor to True - but it makes no difference. I also tried
commenting out the last 2 lines of TIB_CustomGrid.CMEnter - but that made no
difference either.

Also I'm seeing the problem with a vanilla grid - no embedded controls, no
special settings etc.

> The support and the willingness from IBO to take care of
> intricate GUI issues has been very bad the last couple of
> years (IMHO). Especially when it comes to grids and embedded controls.

I agree - and its very scary when you are deeply committed. However I have
always found a way round - even if it has been to use non data aware
components to provide what the customer wants!

I think the problem is that grids are so complex and there are so many
different ways of configuring them that it's a very difficult area to mess
with. You saw this problem in 5 years ago - I've only just found it and
I've been using IBO for a lot longer than 5 years.

> You can get some interesting revelations on your problem by
> embedding controls for all cols in the grid. Also try to
> press the Alt key twice when focus is "hidden". Do you use
> color coding?

Since the problem occurs in a plain grid without embedded controls or color
coding hopefully it will be easier to find and will fix the other problems

I'll start poking around but I think it's probably beyond the scope of my