Subject Re: [IBO] Strange behaviour tabbing into empty grid?
Author dmarmur2002

I'm so delighted that someone else finally has run into this (though
it no fun on your part). This has nothing to do with the version you
are quoting in your post. It's years old (though something else in the
new verison might have triggered different behavious).

Search on my name in the ng look at threads with Geoff involved and
you will find some info. I have hacks and rants if you are interested!

The support and the willingness from IBO to take care of intricate GUI
issues has been very bad the last couple of years (IMHO). Especially
when it comes to grids and embedded controls.

You can get some interesting revelations on your problem by embedding
controls for all cols in the grid. Also try to press the Alt key twice
when focus is "hidden". Do you use color coding?