Subject [IBO] Strange behaviour tabbing into empty grid?
Author Paul Hope

V 4.7.16

When tabbing into a IB_Grid which is empty by virtue of the query parameter
causing the query to return no data the focus first steps invisibly through
the empty row before going into insert mode.


Place a Tedit (or anything to have the focus) on a form and an IB_Grid with
datasource, query and connection.
Make sure the Tedit is the active control.
Connect to the employee database. Set the query SQL to 'select
cust_no,customer from customer where country=:country', set key_links to
cust_no, set requestlive to true.
In the form OnCreate do

Run it

focus will start in the Tedit. press TAB. nothing appears to happen (the
focus is invisible but in cust_no). Press TAB again - nothing appears to
happen (focus is invisible but in customer). Press TAB again now in insert

Need to eliminate the lost TABs.


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