Subject Re: [IBO] License
Author Bertin
Hello Helen,

first thanks very much,

you have a better administration than I have. I have to do some simple
maintenance on an old Delphi project. I still have the old downloads on
my old computer. Can I use these old downloads in Delphi 2006 or do I
need newer files?.

I have to renew the whole application suite soon but have not made up my
mind yet what the best IDE, database etc is. It is a simple client
server application yet, but I might have to change most of it to work
over the internet. Html even with ajax will not work because on the
client side I need very precise timing (0,05 seconds) and direct
response on user actions. Next I need a lot on files on the client side,
mostly sound files wave format. So part of the suite will be a windows
client that needs to get data from and sent data to a database. The rest
of the application is simple data entry. Internet development is not my
favorite so I'm still puzzling what to do.

Greetings Bertin