Subject performance issue when adding tables
Author Robert martin

We have a screen in our app that creates tables (DDL) to use on a
temporary basis. As FB doesn't yet support temp tables we are handling
the removal of said tables. However we don't do it well. This leads to
us having a large number of unused tables in our DB at times (we do
eventually remove them). However this is not the main issue, it just
compounds it.

IBO collects a schema of the db and whenever DDL changes take place the
schema gets completely regenerated. This is a real problem for us as it
adds a large amount of delay after creating a new temp table. I believe
this is an issue regardless of whether or not the schema is cached (we
don't cache). The large number of tables makes this process quite slow
(seconds ?)

In the help it says I might be able to use executeImmediate to do the
ddl without forcing a rebuild of the schema. However my guess is that
if I do this than IBO won't 'see' the newly created temp table (that I
need to use).

Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to get around this?

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