Subject Re: [IBO] Ibo replication
Author daniel_comvision

I know that Jason is a very busy person, and may not have time to get
to this problem, so if someone else in the group could help, I would
much appreciated.

The problem I am having is with the replication tool which is needed
to setup the DB tables prior to using the replication components.
This tool is not in the current Evaluation release. Jason provided me
with a build (via upload software), however the build (exe) did not
work (Stack overflow errors). To compound the problem, I am unable to
create a build from source code, as I uses BCB and not Delphi, and
the evaluation does not provide the required files for me to try and
create a build of this tool.

Thank you in advance

--- In, "Daniel Jimenez" <d.jimenez@...>
> Hi Jason,
> Have you had any luck? Would you be able to give me a estimate of
when you
> may have a chance to solve this issue?
> Thank you
> Daniel
> > Thank you for providing me with a new build. However, this new
> > throughs a Stack Overflow error when clicking the "Load
> > Metadata" button.
> Sorry, I'll try and take it through the paces and see what I can
> Jason
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