Subject SchemaForeignKeyInfo
Author sllimr7139
In my mind there is something wrong with this procedure.

Here is where things start to fall apart for me:

if TargetRelationNames then
ForeignKeys.Add(IB_Connection.mkVARIdent(Fields[0].AsString)+',' +
ForeignKeys.Add(IB_Connection.mkVARIdent(Fields[0].AsString)+',' +

Shouldn't I expect a different results depending on the value of

Having said that I don't get the information I'm expecting anyways.

When I specify the Table name shouldn't I get back the FKColumn name
and the table name that contains the PKColumn??

Currently I always get back the FKColumn name and the Table name that
I passed into the procedure.

While I am looking for the Foriegn keys of the specified table, I'm
kinda looking for the Primary key table name as well. Am I wrong in
my assumption on what this procedure is supposed to do?