Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO to BCB6?
Author Lester Caine
Fernie Arredondo wrote:

> Thanks for helping me out. I'm up and running now. I did perform
> the builds, one at a time as you had suggested. But before doing
> this, I had to adjust each bpl file's path info. Since I have a
> completely default BCB6 setup, I simply ensured that each bpl had the
> following settings:

I have yet to find a 'completely default' BCB setup ;)
As soon as you USE BCB, some of the 'default' settings get changed and
unless you keep an eye on things ...

> Include path:
> $(BCB)\include
> $(BCB)\include\vcl
> Library path:
> $(BCB)\lib\release
> $(BCB)\lib\obj
> $(BCB)\lib
> I also cleared the following settings:
> Intermediate Output:
> Final Output:
> Bpi/Lib Output:
> Conditional Defines:
> Unit Aliases:
> Once I did this, I built each runtime lib, then I built/installed
> each design time lib.
Where has YOUR copy now put the BPL, BPI/LIB and OBJ files. I like to
keep the 'Intermediate Output' away from the source code, so you can
wipe it simply when doing an incremental update. I've had problems in
the past with the Builder linker, but the only good update recently was
to replace that with one that works a little more reliably - still
manage to get crashes though ;)
But this is an area that the 'default' that BCB uses depends on what was
done last.

> There was an instance where a lib gave me an error. It was
> IBO40EDT_C6.bpl which builds fine but it does not install. It
> reports the following error when attempting to install:
> Cannot load package 'IBO40EDT_C6'. It contains unit 'Jconsts,'which
> is also contained in package 'vcljpg60'
> The solution to this problem was to add 'vcljpg60.lib' to the
> required folder. After I did this, it built right up and I installed
> it.

Anybody seeing that on Delphi - I can't see vcljpg in any of the project

> I installed every single library except for one, called IBO40EDT_C6.
> It reports "Cannot load package 'IBO40EDT_C6'. It contains unit Zlib
> which is also contained in package 'IBO40VDT_C6". I am not sure what
> that package is for, but looking at the tool bar, it appears that I
> have everything and I am able to build one IBO application sample.

From Salvatore
I have already reported the problem to Jason and an immediate fix that
into my mind (and that I have applied successfully) is to rename the
Zlib.pas file to something else, for example IBO_Zlib.pas and to change the
corresponding declaration in the uses clause of
IB_OleContainer.pas that is the only file to use it and of course the
declaration in the contains section of IBO40VRT_Xx.dpk packages.

> If you know what "IBO40VDT_C6" is for, I'd appreciate knowing.
It registers all the visual components so it is quite useful - EDT goes
on to add the editors.

Since BCB is no longer supported by Borland, the next fun will be us
non-delphi developers switching the the delphi IDE with a C++ flavour -
if Borland ever actually release it :(

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services