Subject Installing IBO to BCB6?
Author Fernie Arredondo
I'm new to IBO, just purchased a license (4.5b) and I am having great
difficulty building it with BCB6.

First, I added c:\ibo4 to the IDE's library path. Then, I extracted
the zipped files to c:\ibo4 (kept subdirectories). I opened
IBO40_C6.bpg and try to build. Unfortunately, I get a dialog
saying 'Unable to find package import:
IBO40VRT_C6.BPI. It repeats saying that other bpi files could not be

Next, I tried building each runtime bpl file, one at a time. I was
able to create a bpi file and lib file (IBO40CRT_C6.bpi &
IBO40CRT_C6.lib) by pressing 'Cancel' repeatedly. Unfortunately, no I
was unable to build any other bpl files after that.

Can someone please help me.

Thank in advance