Subject Re: XP and ButtonStyle
Author radevojvodic
Hi Rick,

It's not related to OS. I made those changes for theme support and
it's made so if buttonstyle is Ellipsis then it shows button like any
other speedbutton else it shows dropdown button from windows resources.

I will take a look at the changes i made and if i'm able to make it
work for the other cases i'll send changes to Jason. On the other hand
if you have a full version with source code you can find those changes
in IB_Controls.pas commented with //RV.


--- In, "Rick Roen" <rick@l...> wrote:
> I recently converted over my application to use XP themes via the
> XPManifest component in Delphi 7. I am using IBO 4.5B.
> Now all of the IB)_Edit controls have their button style set to
> ebsDropDown and I can no longer change them by setting the ImageIndex
> property.
> I assume this is something to do with the OS taking control of the
> images and overriding IBO, but can someone please confirm and let me
> know if there is some workaround.
> Thanks,
> Rick