Subject Re: Installing IBO to BCB6?
Author Eric Handbury
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> Fernie Arredondo wrote:
> > There was an instance where a lib gave me an error. It was
> > IBO40EDT_C6.bpl which builds fine but it does not install. It
> > reports the following error when attempting to install:
> >
> > Cannot load package 'IBO40EDT_C6'. It contains unit 'Jconsts,'which
> > is also contained in package 'vcljpg60'
> >
> > The solution to this problem was to add 'vcljpg60.lib' to the
> > required folder. After I did this, it built right up and I installed
> > it.
> Anybody seeing that on Delphi - I can't see vcljpg in any of the
> files.

I'm in the same boat... I get the Jconsts error. I don't have a
vcljpg60.lib file.