Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO to BCB6?
Author Fernie Arredondo
Hi Lester,

Thanks for helping me out. I'm up and running now. I did perform
the builds, one at a time as you had suggested. But before doing
this, I had to adjust each bpl file's path info. Since I have a
completely default BCB6 setup, I simply ensured that each bpl had the
following settings:

Include path:

Library path:

I also cleared the following settings:
Intermediate Output:
Final Output:
Bpi/Lib Output:
Conditional Defines:
Unit Aliases:

Once I did this, I built each runtime lib, then I built/installed
each design time lib.

There was an instance where a lib gave me an error. It was
IBO40EDT_C6.bpl which builds fine but it does not install. It
reports the following error when attempting to install:

Cannot load package 'IBO40EDT_C6'. It contains unit 'Jconsts,'which
is also contained in package 'vcljpg60'

The solution to this problem was to add 'vcljpg60.lib' to the
required folder. After I did this, it built right up and I installed

I installed every single library except for one, called IBO40EDT_C6.
It reports "Cannot load package 'IBO40EDT_C6'. It contains unit Zlib
which is also contained in package 'IBO40VDT_C6". I am not sure what
that package is for, but looking at the tool bar, it appears that I
have everything and I am able to build one IBO application sample.

If you know what "IBO40VDT_C6" is for, I'd appreciate knowing.