Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO to BCB6?
Author Lester Caine
Fernie Arredondo wrote:

> Thank you for responding to my installation problem. I tried your
> solution but it did not work for me.
> In fact, this morning I began by deleting all IBO references within
> my computer, except for those that I unzipped in the c:\ibo4
> directory. I also deleted all obj files within that directory.
> Verified that c:\ibo4 was in the library and browsing path. Opened
> up IBO40_C6.bpg. Opened up the Project Manager and built
> IBO40CRT_C6.bpl. I continually cancelled the dialog that notifies
> you that the bpi files could not be found. It built fine the
> following files were added to my cbuilder6 directory:
> ...\Projects\Bpl\IBO40CRT_C6.bpl
> ...\Projects\Bpl\IBO40CRT_C6.tds
> ...\Projects\Lib\IBO40CRT_C6.bpi
> ...\Projects\Lib\IBO40CRT_C6.lib
> So far so good! But then:
> I click on the next bpl file (IBO40RT_C6.bpl) and attempt to build
> it. I also keept cancelling the bpi warning and it begins to
> compile.
> Unfortunately, there are 2 errors:
> [C++ Fatal Error] IBO40TRT_C6.cpp(17): F1013 Error writing output file
> [Linker Fatal Error] Fatal: Unable to open file 'IBO40TRT_C6.OBJ'

OK Just another couple of checks
Are you using or - you mentioned
unzipping so I assume the Raw one.
Personally I put all the files in c:\CBuilder6\Projects\IBO4\ which
messes up Jason's auto-install ;) but keeps all the library stuff within
the Builder file structure.
The error message is saying that Builder is getting confused about WHERE
the files are - something it is very good at doing when you are trying
to build complex projects even without IBO. :(

Oh - poof - this is probably the easy one - does the directory
c:\IBO4\inter\ exist? THAT is where the .obj's should be created, but
the ZIP has probably not bothered to include empty directories!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services