Subject Report Generator suggestion
Author Roberto Freitas
Hi, I am working with IBO 4.5, FireBird 1.5 and Delphi 7 in multi users
client-server applications, and using Nevrona's Rave to generate
I've used Microsoft Access with SQL Server to similar tasks in the
past, and despite some problems with Access it's very easy to generate
very very powerful reports with these tools.
I've never used other tools with Delphi, except Rave.
I think Rave is a narrow tool, besides has some bugs (for instance,
after showing a report on screen, user can choose a page range to
print, but Rave always print all pages, despite user selection).
What's the best tool (free or not) for practic generation of powerful
no bug reports using Delphi 7 and IBO?
Thanks for advices.