Subject Re: [IBO] Report Generator suggestion
Author Paul
Roberto Freitas wrote:

> ....
> What's the best tool (free or not) for practic generation of powerful
> no bug reports

try ReportManager - works with Delphi and more - independent of IBO


Report manager is a *reporting application* (Report Manager Designer)
and also *a set of components for Delphi <>
, Builder <> and Kylix
<>*, also supports development environment
accepting *ActiveX controls (Visual Basic,Visual FoxPro,any Visual
Studio.Net language...)*, also a *C dynamic standard library * with
exported functions is provided to use the engine with any other language
like GNU C <>.

It also includes a *TCP enabled **Report Server*
<> so thin clients
<> can obtain
reports processed in the server. Also a fully functional *web report
server application <>* is
available, *generating Adobe PDF files on the fly*.A true net and web
report server with *no license fees and multiprocessor support*.

*New: Delphi 8 for .Net support.

*ActiveX plugin
<>* allows
*embedding the preview and print in a Microsoft Internet Explorer*.


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