Subject Re: [IBO] A thin client with IBO.
Author Daniel Rail

At October 20, 2005, 1:51 PM, Carlos Damer wrote:

> Hello!
> I must make an application with the IbObjects 4,5 and FB 1,5, that are
> connected to a base, to traves of Internet, instead of doing it to
> traves of a local network.
> That they recommend me to obtain best perfomance?
> They can orient to me?

As Jason already stated, for over the internet connections, you should
be using a multi-tier approach.

Here a few that you can look at:
- kbmMW (
- Midware (
- RemObjects (
- Borland's MIDAS/Datasnap (which is provided with Delphi Enterprise
and Architect)

There are more out there, but these are those that I've seen the most.

And, I've personally used kbmMW in the past, and liked it. But it will
depend on your budget and preference. The best suggestion that I could
give you is to try them and see which one you like best.

Best regards,
Daniel Rail
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