Subject Re: [IBO] Memo in grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:20 PM 20/10/2005 +0200, you wrote:
>This should be a no-brainer, but I cannot get this to work now.
>Using "oldish" IBO/4.2Id, Delphi/6.
>The query is a join with 4 tables, and the UpdateSQLs have been filled in
>the TIB_Query. A memo field was recently introduced in one of the tables,
>and this is where myproblem is.
>My problem: I cannot edit the memo _within_ the TIB_Grid. I can see
>values, but the button with the ellipsis is not shown. Everything else
>seems to work, the other fields are editable, and I can edit in the IDE
>when I activate the query in the query-editor (but, alas, not in the grid
>at run-time). I cannot see anything particularily weird with the
>components' attributes (or my code...). One difference (between run-time
>and IDE) is a PrepareSQL where I sometimes use a SQLWhereItems.Add (not now).
>I placed a new TIB_Memo on the form and linked it through the same
>TIB_DataSource and MemoField), and editing worked fine (and new values were
>shown in the grid!).
>This editing-in-the-grid works elsewhere in the program.
>The EditSQL looks like this (EKSTRAMATERIALE is the MemoField):
>update DISTRIB
>set LAND = :LAND,
><other fields>
>where ID = :ID

What's the setting for EditLinksAuto in the grid?