Subject Does the SQLType property work?
Author terriertech
Hi, I am trying to figure out the data type of a field, which should
really be a simple task, but I am running into problems.

First up, if I use the IsBlob property it returns false even though my
field *is* a blob.

Second, if I look at x->Fields->Columns[i]->IsNumeric, it does not
tell me whether the field is an integer or floating point value.

I searched through the previous messages and found that I can use the
SQLType property, but the values being put into this property seem out
of whack. For example, the mapping goes something like this:
Varchar = 449
Char = 453
Timestamp = 511
Integer = 497
Blob = 521

The values are consistent, they just don't match anything I am seeing
in rdb$types. Am I supposed to somehow process the SQLType property
to get the actual field type?