Subject Changing user password in IBO
Author terriertech
Hi all, I would like to change a user's password programmatically. In
IBX this was done using TIBSecurityService. Without IBX, I can see
three ways to accomplish it:

1) Use the API directly (can do it... but yuck).

2) Use IBOAdmin. Problem with this is that it adds vcldb*.bpl to the
project, which I want to avoid (this was part of the motivation for
switching from IBX to IBO).

3) Use the AlterUser routine, e.g. in TIB_SessionBase. The main
problem with this seems to be that I cannot see a way to specify that
I *only* want to change the user's password, not their first/last
name. In other words, I cannot see a way to control the value of
sec_flags in USER_SEC_DATA when I make a call to AlterUser.
Therefore, to avoid setting the user's first/last name to blank when I
change their password, it seems I need to first fetch their first/last
name, but I also cannot find any hook into isc_spb_sec_username from
IBO, so I'm back to option 1.

Does anyone have a better solution short of hacking IBO or IBOAdmin?