Subject Re: Where should fbclient.dll be?
Author russellbelding
Hi Pete

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> Hi
> In order to make my application use fbclient.dll rather than
> gds32.dll (see my last posting as to why I am doing this) I have
> added a unit that has ib_constants.ib_gds32:='fbclient.dll'; This
> unit I have then added to the top of my project's uses list.

Does this work by itself alone? Do you need to use IB_CONSTANTS in
your file?

Some other comments:
1. If you are using other IB related applications, such as IBAdmin,
that I use, they may require GDS32.DLL in the windows system
2. For your application using IBO it is sufficient to have
FBCLIENT.DLL in the app's directory. Having common DLLs in the
windows system folder can cause problems.
3. If you opt for 2, as I am doing, we need to be sure to have the
FBCLIENT.DLL(on the client) matching the version of FB on the server,
even if it is just for safety's sake.
4. So if we are using 2. we need a good practice in place when the
site changes from one version of FB to the next version. How does a
new version of FB on the DB server get its new FBCLIENT to all client

So we are, I suggest, in need of a collaborative paper on good ways
to package, install and maintain IBO/FB (and variant) applications.
And good ways
to backup and restore our FB datafiles. Pooling our experience may
save unforseen problems.

There must be more than us two struggling with these issues.

Kind regards


> This seems to run fine as long as i have fbclient.dll in my
> applications folder. Should my installation routine include a copy
> of fbclient.dll and put it im my apps dir?
> I have looked at the documentation but cant see a specific
> to this. Indeed I thought it would automatically find the dll in
> firebird dir, arnt windows moving away from keeping dlls in the
> system dir? As I am unsure as to whether any of my customners may
> want to use to different versions of firbird in the future, I felt
> doing and relying on a /copyfbclient switch on the firebird install
> should be avoided.
> Thanks
> Pete