Subject Where should fbclient.dll be?
Author petesouthwest

In order to make my application use fbclient.dll rather than
gds32.dll (see my last posting as to why I am doing this) I have
added a unit that has ib_constants.ib_gds32:='fbclient.dll'; This
unit I have then added to the top of my project's uses list.

This seems to run fine as long as i have fbclient.dll in my
applications folder. Should my installation routine include a copy
of fbclient.dll and put it im my apps dir?

I have looked at the documentation but cant see a specific reference
to this. Indeed I thought it would automatically find the dll in the
firebird dir, arnt windows moving away from keeping dlls in the
system dir? As I am unsure as to whether any of my customners may
want to use to different versions of firbird in the future, I felt
doing and relying on a /copyfbclient switch on the firebird install
should be avoided.