Subject problem with FB1.5 and external files
Author ashwiz_za
Hi there

I am not sure which news group to post this to, and can only get into
this one (our firewall doesn't allow me mail to the atkins ones).
(blush, sorry). ...but I am posting here as I know the best people
hang out here.

I am moving from FB 1.0 to FB 1.5

I have a db with external files. I backup in FB1.0, install FB1.5 and
then can't restore. Gives error on the external file. I test with an
existing FB1.5 db, and it won't let me create an external file.

Does FB 1.5 not support external files, is this a bug, or am I doing
things wrong?

I will appreciate any advice, assistance or simply direction!

I have a 40GB gbk file and I have deleted the db file...
(grin) ...and yes, it takes a while, the server is not too fast

I must say, FB1.5 is impressive!!!

Many thanx
Kind regards