Subject Re: Scanning documents into database
Author ashwiz_za
Steve, Hi there

I wrote a Document Filing and Imaging package for a client a few
years ago, and am currently re-writing it with many added features
and reduced cost.

It is not yet complete (the 2nd ver) but is in a working state and
currently offers what the 1st ver has. I am still adding support for
more graphic types, and other features. Runs on Windows, uses
Interbase or Firebird (we prefer Firebird). Written in Delphi 5. Is a
multi-tier app, so scalable for any network size.

Visit my website at
or mail me direct at ashley@... or

Hope we can be of assistance to you.

Many thanx
Kind regards
The Software Shack

--- In, Steve White <steve.white@m...>
> Hi
> I would like to develop a means of scanning documents into a
database with a
> means of searching for particular documents (e.g. by date, type,
etc). Has
> anybody developed something similar? I don't want to reinvent the
> We are using Delphi 5 and Interbase 6.01.
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