Subject Re: [IBO] problem with FB1.5 and external files
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hey Ashley,

> I have a db with external files. I backup in FB1.0, install FB1.5 and
> then can't restore. Gives error on the external file. I test with an
> existing FB1.5 db, and it won't let me create an external file.
> Does FB 1.5 not support external files, is this a bug, or am I doing
> things wrong?

you have to enable the support for external files when using
FB 1.5. Take a look a the ExternalFileAccess parameter in the
firebird.conf. There is a nice explanation how to use it, too.


PS: AFAIK, this is not the right forum for beta and RC questions.
I think these questions should be asked in the Firebird-Devel
forum at Sourceforge.