Subject Re: [IBO] How open a dataset with only a Bookmark record?
Author Marco Menardi
I think you have made some mistake, since if you OPEN the query and
you have something like "select * from customer" you ask the database
to return ALL the records. If you then use bookmark, you are only
navigating inside that dataset and be positioned on the desired record.
Anyway, I've tried and it works as expected (by me). Use SQL monitor
to see what happens.
Of course, only some records are fetched, but I want to avoid
unecessary processing and server requests.
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@m...> wrote:
> Marco,
> Have you tried this (your) method?
> The problem I had was that it was doing exactly what you want - but
I didn't
> want it.
> If I set the bookmark directly after opening the query - I get only one
> record returned, the bookmarked record. If I open the query, then in
> method I set the bookmark, I get the grid buffer filled with records
> surround the bookmarked one.
> Alan
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> Subject: [IBO] How open a dataset with only a Bookmark record?
> I have a bookmark for a lookup dataset. I want to use that bookmark
> for opening another dataset on the same record.
> I don't want to use something like:
> with qryCustomer do
> begin
> Open;
> Bookmark := workBookmarkString;
> end;
> because this way all the data is requested to the server and THEN the
> right record is located.
> I want instead have the behaviour the IBO Search has, i.e. return only
> the desired record, but I don't know how to make my workBookmarkString
> being used as a search criteria.
> In other words, I would like to have something like:
> with qryCustomer do
> begin
> Search;
> Bookmark := workBookmarkString;
> ..First;
> end;
> that does not work.
> I don't want to fill the other field values for a search, since I need
> a generic solution and Bookmark produces always an unique key.
> How can I do?
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi
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