Subject Re: temporary tables
Author Marco Menardi
Firebird has not temporary table, and you can't have local ones except
if installing a Firebird server for each client PC, and have a
separate connection to them.
I use a "generic work table" with lot of common used fields, and a
"selection_id" (A-Z) plus a user name.
This way each user has his own set of records inside the same table,
and if needed, different sets for different tasks (different
You, of course, have to delete user's records exiting the app or
before use it again (delete from work_table where selection_id = 'E'
and user_name = 'mark' before I use the table for user 'mark' and for
selection 'E').
Having "work table" on the server instead of the client let's me use
the work table inside stored procedure, i.e. I fill the work table
with the keys of the record user selected for a certain job, and a SP
processes the selection.
Marco Menardi

--- In, "Petar Markov" <pmarkov@u...> wrote:
> Hello
> In my old BDE application I often used temporary local paradox's
tables to store temporary information.
> Every user had it own set of temporary data in its local drive.
> Now, when I move from Paradox to FireBird (from local to
client-server) database I have to create a set of temporary tables for
each user connected to FD Database.
> Any suggestions?
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