Subject How open a dataset with only a Bookmark record?
Author Marco Menardi
I have a bookmark for a lookup dataset. I want to use that bookmark
for opening another dataset on the same record.
I don't want to use something like:
with qryCustomer do
Bookmark := workBookmarkString;
because this way all the data is requested to the server and THEN the
right record is located.
I want instead have the behaviour the IBO Search has, i.e. return only
the desired record, but I don't know how to make my workBookmarkString
being used as a search criteria.
In other words, I would like to have something like:
with qryCustomer do
Bookmark := workBookmarkString;

that does not work.
I don't want to fill the other field values for a search, since I need
a generic solution and Bookmark produces always an unique key.
How can I do?
Marco Menardi