Subject [IBO] Plan error & treeview
first :

I'm using the SQL-editor build in TIB_Query for testing my SQL statements
during designtime. Later on I fill all nececary properties via programming
code. Very often after pressing the 'apply' button I receive a 'plan error'
, but the SQL statements works fine. What would the SQL-editor like to
'tell' me? ;-)

second (more important):

I fill a non data aware treeview to show all records of a table using a
TIB_Cursor. After selecting one node a TIB_Query is fetching the complete
record with requestlive=true to make it possible to edit the record. All is
working fine, but even with a TIB_Cursor it takes time to fill the treeview.
The table contains between 200 and 1000 records. Any hints to make it as
fast as possible?
I thought about, to fill the treeview only with few nodes and fetch the rest
during scrolling, but how to catch the scolling event?
Hm, maybe I'm running off-topic...?

many thanks in advance