Subject Re: [IBO] Plan error & treeview
Author Geoff Worboys
> first :

> I'm using the SQL-editor build in TIB_Query for testing my SQL
> statements during designtime. Later on I fill all nececary
> properties via programming code. Very often after pressing the
> 'apply' button I receive a 'plan error' , but the SQL statements
> works fine. What would the SQL-editor like to 'tell' me? ;-)

Would probably need more information on this one. Is it something
you can reproduce on one of the "standard" databases - employee.gdb
or perhaps contact.gdb etc that come with IBO ?

> second (more important):

> I fill a non data aware treeview to show all records of a table
> using a TIB_Cursor. After selecting one node a TIB_Query is fetching
> the complete record with requestlive=true to make it possible to
> edit the record. All is working fine, but even with a TIB_Cursor it
> takes time to fill the treeview. The table contains between 200 and
> 1000 records. Any hints to make it as fast as possible?

Unless you are bringing back large blobs I imagine that 1000 records
should come back in under a second - upto 2 seconds if every one
also brings back a small text blob. At least that is my experience.

There are a few different methods of loading records using
TIB_Cursor. You could take a look at some of the sample application
code or the FAQs on the IBO website. Alternatively post a snippet
of what you are doing here and let us pick it apart :-)

Most observed delays usually occur during preparation of the query,
or if it is the first query opened in the application there can be
other overheads as the connection caches some metadata details.

> I thought about, to fill the treeview only with few nodes and
> fetch the rest during scrolling, but how to catch the scolling
> event?

There is some treeview code on

I dont know if that may help.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing