Subject Date/Time display format 4.2Ga => 4.2Hh
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

I've upgraded from IBO 4.2Ga to IBO 4.2Hh some months ago ;-), but
the display of a date/time column without an assigned DisplayFormat
has changed.

In 4.2Ga a date/time column was shown as e.g. '22.09.2002 13:35:43',
but with 4.2Hh seconds are suppressed per default e.g. '22.09.2002 13:35'.

I've tracked it down to changes in the TIB_Column.GetDisplayText method
in IBA_Column.IMP (line 1831ff). The global time format variable
'ShortTimeFormat' is used instead of 'LongTimeFormat' (including seconds).

Any comments?

Thomas Steinmaurer
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