Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery Keylinks but no Keysource
Author danialwidner
--- In IBObjects@y..., Helen Borrie <helebor@t...> wrote:
> Sorry a quick answer as I'm moving house
> You are confused about Keylinks.
> Use Keylinks (fieldnames alone, one per line) to identify a unique
row in a
> dataset (like a primary key on a table).

I knew that. Not confused at all about that. Just want it (the
master-detail link in the UNMODIFIED BDE fashion)to work as
advertised. Following your directions is the confusing part.

> Use keylinks *pairs" for keysource/lookup relationships - not
something you
> can do with the TIBO* components.

SO .... Make it work like the native BDE components do. As
advertised all over the web page.

Essentially it boils down to TIBO datasets and by inheritance TIBO
queries are not setting their datalinks properties properly with the
native datasource components (or handling them). Not knowing the
logic used in the TIBO code (and not needing to), I am not in a
position to fix vendor supplied code. Those who work with the IBO
internals and having time to do so could easily fix this to match
the functionality provided in the BDE components and in the TIB

> Helen
> At 09:30 PM 08-07-02 +0000, you wrote:
> >While trying to make the TIBO items behave as the BDE equivalents
> >I read as much as I could on the keylinks property. Jason even
> >all I had to do was set them up.
> >
> >However, it doesn't work. All the research and the help files say
> >set both the keylinks and the keysource. TIBO objects do not have
> >the keysource exposed. They have a datasource property (from the
> >control) that has no effect. You can't set them to work properly
> >a combo box or other master detail relationship without coding the
> >ondatachange event manually.
> >
> >Could someone post a simple example using 3 TIBOQuerys showing
> >master and 2 slave relationships WITHOUT having to code an
> >OnDataChange (or any other manual event intervention) to handle
> >updates as the BDE controls did automatically?
> >
> >Or could Jason fix the BDE replacements in the TIBO set to handle
> >this as the BDE controls did?
> >
> >We have already put in over 400 man hours on this and are less
> >5% done creating OnDataChange event handlers to do what the BDE
> >did natively.
> >
> >Thank you.
> >
> >Dan
> >
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