Subject Re: [IBO] Problems selecting Numeric Data Types
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Lensman!

Yep, you really are brand new to this.

First the bad news: This really isn't the group you're looking for. Try if you want to continue using the API after what
I'm gonna write here.

Now for the good news: You probably do not need to get into the API.
Interbase Objects (this group) is a great tool for serious developers
(voted Best Database Connectivity by Delphi Informant as long as that
category has existed) and it works well with Borland C++ as well (I haven't
used it, but Geoff and Lester who are active in this group use it all the

So, you've got two choices. Repeat your question at ib-support and continue
fighting the API or get hold of ibobjects ( and take
advantage of all the great work Jason Wharton and others have done to
"protect" you from the API.


>I hope that u can help me =B4cause I will get a nervous breakdown if I=20
>cannot fix this problem. I am developing with Borland C++ and the=20
>Interbase API (which I am pretty new to) a native driver for our=20
>classes. Everything works fine except when I am trying to select=20
>integer, short, numeric etc datatypes. Using isc_vax_integer to=20
>reverse the byte order was my idea but this doesn=B4t work.
>Has anybody a code example how to fetch numric data with the=20
>Interbase API? Haven=B4t found anything on the web.