Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery Keylinks but no Keysource
Author Helen Borrie
Sorry a quick answer as I'm moving house

You are confused about Keylinks.

Use Keylinks (fieldnames alone, one per line) to identify a unique row in a
dataset (like a primary key on a table).

Use keylinks *pairs" for keysource/lookup relationships - not something you
can do with the TIBO* components.


At 09:30 PM 08-07-02 +0000, you wrote:
>While trying to make the TIBO items behave as the BDE equivalents do
>I read as much as I could on the keylinks property. Jason even said
>all I had to do was set them up.
>However, it doesn't work. All the research and the help files say to
>set both the keylinks and the keysource. TIBO objects do not have
>the keysource exposed. They have a datasource property (from the bde
>control) that has no effect. You can't set them to work properly on
>a combo box or other master detail relationship without coding the
>ondatachange event manually.
>Could someone post a simple example using 3 TIBOQuerys showing
>master and 2 slave relationships WITHOUT having to code an
>OnDataChange (or any other manual event intervention) to handle the
>updates as the BDE controls did automatically?
>Or could Jason fix the BDE replacements in the TIBO set to handle
>this as the BDE controls did?
>We have already put in over 400 man hours on this and are less than
>5% done creating OnDataChange event handlers to do what the BDE code
>did natively.
>Thank you.
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