Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery Keylinks but no Keysource
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
sorry to hear you have wasted 400 hours of what should be possible to do
within minutes.

However, I would be surprised if IBO didn't work as advertised - at least
in this list it is more often than not an error on the part of the users
(us) that is the source of the error.

Generally, when believing to have found an error what you should do is to
create a simple reproducible case (i.e. with as few tables and forms as
possible) and send the code directly to Jason (or occationally Geoff). Then
Jason will either see the error and correct it or correct you if it is an
error on your behalf. I think there have also been one or two errors that
have simply baffled everybody and gone unsolved for some time (I seem to
remember something about the wrong icon showing up at strange places), but
I don't think that will apply to your case. Remember to state the version
you use for everything, as some errors only show under special circumstances.

Hopefully this will be resolved pretty quickly,

>I knew that. Not confused at all about that. Just want it (the
>master-detail link in the UNMODIFIED BDE fashion)to work as
>advertised. Following your directions is the confusing part.
>Essentially it boils down to TIBO datasets and by inheritance TIBO
>queries are not setting their datalinks properties properly with the
>native datasource components (or handling them). Not knowing the
>logic used in the TIBO code (and not needing to), I am not in a
>position to fix vendor supplied code. Those who work with the IBO
>internals and having time to do so could easily fix this to match
>the functionality provided in the BDE components and in the TIB