Subject Re: [IBO] tib_replicate
Author Dave Bullar
""Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)"" <helebor@...> wrote in message
> >Now as local database A acesses this queue does the data vanish? What
> >happens when at a different instant, local database B accesses the queue
> Are you replicating from database A (source) to database B (target)?
No I am replicating from a 'central' database to A and to B at different

> >Or must the sync action occur at all local databases at the same time ?
In other words must all the satelite databases be listening at the same time
and a gun goes off and every one gets a string of updates etc.Or can each
database work in its own time at being updated from the central database?
If the latter (and it seemed to be the case because the scheme is that each
replicated database is updated when it is otherwise idle) I dont understand
the concept of the source having only one queue.
I would like to get to grips with the 'events' that arise and what the
'effective pipline mechanism' as Jason describes it is.

If there are 10 records in the source queue of which satellite A needs all
but satellite B only needs 5 because it got the others earlier ?? You see
my mind is boggling :-}

but each source has its own queue.
No only one source.

> >Obviously I can make a test. But here I have only one machine and I would
> >like to know if It is worth my while taking a test moduile out to a
> >to try on his network.
> You can test to some extent on your single machine using multiple
> connections, but you're a bit handicapped if that is all that stands
> between development and deployment of a network-based replication
> system.
Yes but this is early stages. I will undoubtedly test at the client. But if
I am assured that it does not work in the way I want then I can stop wasting
time !

If your client doesn't mind your using his network as a test-bed,
> then it is to be strongly recommended.
No problem with this at all
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