Subject tib_replicate
Author Dave Bullar
Help !
Has anyone done much work with the TIB_Repl components ?
I have struggled for a few days and got the module to work. and set up the
source database and 'local' database and it all works.
But I want to use this in my application where there are ten or more 'local'
I don't understand how the sync operates.
As changes are made to the central database they are logged into a queue and
this trigers an event.

Now as local database A acesses this queue does the data vanish? What
happens when at a different instant, local database B accesses the queue ?
Or must the sync action occur at all local databases at the same time ?

Obviously I can make a test. But here I have only one machine and I would
like to know if It is worth my while taking a test moduile out to a client
to try on his network.

I have lots of other queries but One at a time.
ANy help appreciated. Thanks