Subject Re: [IBO] Multi-user
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 11:07 AM 13-05-02 +0200, Tom Deprez wrote:
>I've made a simple program with the use of ibobjects and firebird. I'm
>wondering now if I can allow it to used multi-user.
>Since this will only be used by 2-3 person max at the same time, I think I
>just install the program on 3 PC's.
>My biggest question is: how far am I safe? Will I get into some problems?

Possibly some temporary problems, if you haven't fully understood the
purpose of transaction management...

>How can I check that my program will work correctly?

Run multiple instances of it on your single machine...just don't have them
connect through Windows local connection! Set up a server host in your
HOSTS file, and connect your application instances to it, thus:

HOSTS entry: TestServer # Local loopback server

Connection parameters:
Server - TestServer
Path - d:\localpath\myDB.gdb (whatever it is on your machine)
Protocol - cpTCP_IP
>What are the pitfalls?

With luck and good management, none. This database was made for multiple

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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