Subject Re: [IBO] Hc Test release seems to work good, but some question and opinions required
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., Geoff Worboys <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > So I've found very annoying having to specify a whole query syntax,
> > while it would be very good the one generated automatically by IBO
> > except that it should work only with the desired field. So if you
> > specify a LockSQL without the "UPDATE" keyword, I assume it's in the
> > form of LOCK_FIELD=LOCK_VALUE, ie LOCK_FLG='Y', and let IBO build
> > the other parts of the query, if possible. Do you think that is
> > convenient, are there any drawbacks? Any other interested in this
> > feature?
> What is wrong with just putting the following into LockSQL ??
> Set up your standard SQL so that you dont select LOCKFIELD at all,
> which will prevent IBO from ever assigning to a normal insert or
> update.

Nothing wrong, just you save time (and syntax errors), especially if you change something like table name / primary key fields / primary key names.
If you just have to set:
and let IBO build, when possible, the resto of the query you have it "automatically" keep things in syncro. And you have less places to change.
You know, the more IBO does for me, the more lazy I become and the less work I want to do ;)
Marco Menardi
p.s. I'm very happy you are looking at the resouce problem with a simple sample. Thanks to you and to the sample provider :)