Subject [IBO] Re: TIB vs. TIBO
Author mmenaz
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> One small improvement which would make a very big difference would be a vertical line seperating the week numbers from the date. Right now it is difficult to
> make out which are the week number and which are the dates.

Done. I've just sent the patch to Jason. The improvements are:

- added a vertical line separating number of the week from the days of the calendar.
- Added doBoldSaturday, doBoldSunday to display in boldface Sundays and/or Saturdays.
- Day of the week now is 3 letters long.
- Cells a bit wider to better accommodate bold fonts, number of the week and 3 letter name of the day.
- Changed day and lines color to clNavy, today border to clRed (better contrast).

> > I am willing to work on creating the best specifications for a date entry component.

As I've already stated, tell me/us about your needs, since ofter are our needs too. Good idea are always welcome :)
Sometime improvements are not simple, so they could take long to be applied, or never. But interesting idea are stimulating...
I've spent about 10 hours in IB_Date, but I apreciate the improvements you suggested and I'm happy having my program benefit from them :)
The thing I do apreciate most of IBO is that often (not always, since Jason has to consider lot of different needs/suggested directions, of course) code improvements is included in IBO, so everyone can benefit from it. With VCL I did some useful improvements, but Borland did not care (nor of my bug submissions...), so VCL is more or less at the functionality level (database components) of Delphi2 :(
E-mail me directly, so I can see your e-mail address and sent to you some screenshots of the new IB_Date (here in yahoo list the address is truncated to <gkrishna@j...>)

> I would be interesed in testing developing the new components to make it sure it really works good.

I do not understand english at full, so I avoid trying to understand license details, like IBO one ;) As contributor to IBO I've a lifetime full source license, so I really don't know/remember if the evaluation you have has the possibility of include patches and recompile... can some authority (Jason, Helen) here tell me if I can sent to him IBC_Date.INT/IMP plus DatePick.pas?

Thanks for your ideas
Marco Menardi