Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIB vs. TIBO
Author GK

>Ok. IB_date: Delete=Null date. FOr the rest of the keystroke, I've already discussed about them with Jason, since I had the same feeling that some key-centric
improvements could be done. I had no time for them, but I think that it's not a difficoult impro
>vement, so give me this week and sunday I will have the "improvements" made and sent to Jason for inclusin in the next subrelease.
>Btw, IB_Date and IB_Currency work in unbound mode too. What about woll2woll? Just curiosity.

woll2woll -> all the controls work in unbound mode as well.

you can also configure woll2woll so that the date time picker allows you only date, only time or date and time. Even if the option is date and time the drop down
can be used for selecting date.

>> also when the drop down calendar is displaying week numbers it looks neat and not clumsy like IB_Date
>Hmmm.. ok, it could be prittier... but it works good :)

One small improvement which would make a very big difference would be a vertical line seperating the week numbers from the date. Right now it is difficult to
make out which are the week number and which are the dates.

> I am willing to work on creating the best specifications for a date entry component.
>Tell me, we can join our efforts. But, better is not necessary the "over full ulta function rich" one...

Yes absolutely I dont believe in that as well. My main concern is ease of use and neatness (so that the user can easily make out what is happenning)
I would be interesed in testing developing the new components to make it sure it really works good.

>Please, have a look at first. E-mail me privately, if you want. I'm always happy in IBO improvements. Geoff and other here will help us friendly.
>Marco Menardi