Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOTable Access Violations when Using set ranges
Author pmagor2001
Firstly sorry it took so long for me to reply (been off work the last
couple of days).

Secondly I moved to the 4.2G version of IBO and it appeared to correct
the problem so the situation I described no longer causes an av. I do
however get AVs in other parts of the program I am working on
Isolating the causes for those once I do I will send you a sample app.

Thanks for you reply

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> If you are in a hurry for a fix then you need to send me a sample
app that
> will reproduce this problem.
> The sample needs to work with minimal fuss on my part. If I hit any
> significant hang-ups it will go into the queue with all the rest of
> items I have to look into.
> In short, if anyone wants special attention in an expedited manner,
> need to minimize what I have to do in order to isolate and resolve
> problem. I've got lots of stuff piled up to do...
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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> Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 3:29 PM
> Subject: [IBO] TIBOTable Access Violations when Using set ranges
> > Hi All
> >
> > I have found a problem with the ranges on the TIBOTable causing
> > violations.
> > The steps to recreate it are
> >
> > 1 Issue a setrange that will return values that you know does
> > 2 Cycle through the data using a eof loop
> > 3 Cancel the range
> >
> > Now repeat the above steps for a range that you know does not
> > and on step 3 an access violation occurs inside the
> > TIBODataset.GetBookmarkData procedure (RecInfo.RecRowNode is NIL)
> >
> > As this program is being converted from another database (with a
> > limited timeframe) I cannot immediately replace all of the
> > with Queries. So I would appreciate any help/fixes that could be
> > provided.
> >
> > I am using version 4.2.Fr of IBO in Delphi 6 Pro using Firebird RC
> >
> > I am also getting Access Violations when using master detail
> > relationships but I have not locked down the exact steps to
> > it yet.
> >
> > Thanks in Advance
> > Peter Magor