Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIB vs. TIBO
Author GK
>> I would be interesed in testing developing the new components to make it sure it really works good.
>I do not understand english at full, so I avoid trying to understand license details, like IBO one ;) As contributor to IBO I've a lifetime full source license, so I really
don't know/remember if the evaluation you have has the possibility of include patc
>hes and recompile... can some authority (Jason, Helen) here tell me if I can sent to him IBC_Date.INT/IMP plus DatePick.pas?
>Thanks for your ideas
>Marco Menardi

Can Jason or Helen give Marco a goahead

I dont even mind if you just send the dcu I dont need the source.

I still have only a evaluation copy of ibobjects.
Cross my heart and hope to die, I have not shipped any project using IBObjects. <g>

I will buy a license before I ship anything. I am still getting things to work right.
But I really would like to see these improvements to the date picker.