Subject Re: IB_Currency-Calculator
Author mmenaz
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> How is it possible to activate, or even to see, the inplace-calculator
> of TIB_Currency ?
The DropDown calculator is not coded, so you can't activate. I simply thought it does not worth the touble.
instead, the inline calculator can be activated using the CalculatorKind property, set to cucInline.
Once done this, you can use the control like a calculator, but beware that the resoults are rouded to the decimal position used by the control, so, for instance, if it's set for Euro (2 places), and you prerform a division, you get only two decimal digits (4/3=1.33). It's still good for simple calculation, not if you have to do multiple operations (i.e. 4/3*100 -> 133 instead of 133.33).
Read the source header (IBC_Currency.INT) for more details.
Marco Menardi