Subject Re: Instant setback
Author Technisoft
I am pleased to report that I have found a solution to the problem:

In the tutorial source code, replace the following lines

with Params do begin
Values['USER NAME'] := 'SYSDBA'; // Remember to set this appropriately!
Values['PASSWORD'] := 'masterkey'; // Remember to set this
end; { with }

with these

Username := 'SYSDBA';
Password := 'masterkey';

This works whether PasswordStorage is set to psNone or psNotStored.

Unless this is done, the program will not even open tutorial.gdb after
running the first time (which creates the file) and then shutting down the
program and restarting.

Did I somehow acquire an invalid copy of formTutorial1.pas? The ironic
thing is that, without the tutorial, I would probably have tried the
successful method anyway. I approach Tutorial 2 with bated breath. :>)

Peter Lawson