Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Instant setback
Author TeamIBO
> BUT - if you think there is something lurking there which the team
> should identify, then I'm willing to do the best I can to help. Just
> be honest. Whatever you decide, your efforts are much appreciated.

Hi Peter,

I think you will find we are pretty stubborn bunch and really prefer
to discover the true reason behind various problems. I do understand
that this has been a frustrating exercise for you, but if you can
stand hanging around a bit longer I am sure we should be able to get
there eventually.

When I get to the point where we seem to be at the moment, I generally
prefer to step back and review the situation as it now stands. By
going through some of my archives this is what I understand to be the

Operating System: Windows 98
Server: Firebird 1 RC2 (recently changed to this version)
Dev Env: Delphi 5
IBO Ver: 4.2.Fb (you have not updated??)

Problem: Cannot access your jdc.gdb database from IBO without getting
username/password errors.

My first suggestion is to verify which ISC4 database you are using.
Connect to the employee database using IBConsole or whatever you
prefer. This should make us all happy that you know the username and
password (humour me please).

Given that you had previously been using FB RC1 and that there were
problems in that version with the creation of databases and
ForcedWrites etc. My next suggestion would be to try and backup and
restore the jdc.gdb file with gbak while using RC2. This will
hopefully ensure that any potential problems with the gdb itself are
cleared. (May be unlikely but worth a try.)

The next thing I would like you to try for me is setup a simple *new*
application with a TIB_Connection and a button. Setup TIB_Connection
so that PasswordStorage is psNotSecure and enter the password as
required. Have the button try to make the connection and write down
the callstack when the exception occurs. This may help us isolate
where the problem is coming from.

You may be able to debug through the code yourself and determine that
the correct password is being defined to the attach parameters.

I hope something here begins to show us the way.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing