Subject Re: [IBO] Locate in Calculated Fields
Author TeamIBO
> Jason, but the keyfield is a property in the grid, not in the
> TDataset. I compose it at run time with TDataset KeyFields values
> but the grid tries to locate in this field calculated to synchronize
> the grid and the TDatset and IBO give me an error.

When you say "keyfield" you are talking about an actual primary
keyfield on the dataset, nor are you talking about an actual entry in
the KeyLinks of the dataset???

I guess you are using the term 'keyfield' because that is some
feature/requirement of the devexp grid - it is confusing :-(

The difficulty with calculated fields in IBO is that some features of
IBO result in interaction with the server - and since the server does
not know about fields created at the client an error results.

I suspect you will need to find some way of using a true key field
available from the query.

>> I know that I could to setup a field and a generator but I
>> think that I wouldn't be earning any performance because I use a
>> SQL order.

Indeed I think this is the best solution. Dont worry about using a
separate SQL order, this is normal. The KeyLinks defined to IBO
datasets are used to allow single record retrieval/refresh,
independant of the specified SQL order (and so avoid having to reread
the entire dataset just to refresh one record).


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing