Subject Re: [IBO] Locate in Calculated Fields
Author Jason Wharton
After giving this a little thought, I believe it is a bad idea to have a
calculated field acting as a KeyLinks field.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Locate in Calculated Fields

> I am testing developer express quantum grid with IBO and in the
> groupping mode the grid needs a KeyField, besides when you select a row it
> performs a locate by this KeyField to synchronize the grid and the
> I am having problems because my KeyField is composed and calculated in the
> fly and with other connectivity VCLs I could to locate by this field but
> gives me an error that it doesn't find the calculated field. Any idea? I
> know that I could to setup a field and a generator but I think that I
> wouldn't be earning any performance because I use a SQL order. Is there
> IBO property or IB to give me a KeyField or can I solve the Locate
> Thank you very much.