Subject Re: [IBO] ICS error
Author TeamIBO
> I need some help here, I know I'm a newbie , I purchased the IBO
> manual, I looked at the samples, into the help file and I cannot
> find any information on how to structure my code to capture these
> ISC errors.

There are no hard and fast rules. Its a matter of implementing what
suits your situation best.

Many of the IBO components provide OnError events, in which you can
alter messages etc.

There is the Application.OnException event to which you can assign
code to catch exceptions and translate and display in special windows

There is the in code approach of...

on E: EIB_ISCError do

There is also the ability to alter the message table used by IB/FB
itself and so change the messages at the source.

I rarely use the IBO OnError events (and never have for translation
purposes). My applications generally consist of an
Application.OnException handler as a final sort of "catch all" area
where I detect the different exception types and translate/display as
I prefer. And the more specialised processing I do in code, where I
catch the specific exception and either handle it or raise a new
exception with my preferred translation for that instance.

You will notice that my preferred approach actually has little to do
specifically with IBO. And thats why I use it. I generate my own
exceptions, I have other libraries etc etc, so I prefer an exception
handling mechanism that is not IBO specific.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing