Subject Re: [IBO] TIBO x TIB_
Author TeamIBO
> I thought the reason was !

> IBO was started long before Delphi 3 came out with the virtual
> dataset . (Left the IBO's Help)

That was only part of the reason - and may well have been the original
justification. But IBO has grown a long way since then.

If you experiment with some of the sample applications (eg. the
Contact sample) you will see search mode in use. This demonstrates
just one of the featues that TDataset is not setup to support. Such
capabilities need to be in the base classes to be properly useable and

If you take a look at the IBO class structure you will see that the
native TIB_ dataset components derive TIB_Statement. This base class
is used to allow efficient specialised implementations such as
TIB_DSQL and TIB_Cursor. Such efficiencies would not have been
possible if based on TDataset, and other class structures would have
meant duplication of code.

And last but certainly not least; IBO now has quite a large user base.
To make alterations in the class structures (even if it proved
practical) would leave many applications broken and for very little
benefit (since you can already combine TIBO and TIB_ in the one

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing