Subject Instant setback
Author Technisoft
W98, FB RC1, IBO 4.2 Fb

I compile and run Tutorial1 (dated Feb 2000). After the following message:

arithmetic exception, numeric overflow or string truncation

it runs.
I then change the path parameter (hard-wired within the source) to point to
c:\Program Files\Firebrird\examples\employee.gdb. Now our old enemy appears:

Your user name and password are not defined etc.

I try another file on the disk which is working perfectly with my
application. Same result.
I move this file (jdc.gdb) into the working folder, and substitute jdc.gdb
for tutorial.gdb in the code. Same result.

I reach the clearly ridiculous conclusion that IBO can only access files it
has created itself. Where did I go wrong?

Peter Lawson